Lego Fever

Lego Fever Demo

Bring color back to a grey world


  • Two game modes
  • Eye-catching graphics
  • Many puzzles to solve


  • Can get a bit too difficult

Not bad

Don't think that this is a kid's game just because it uses Lego characters. In fact, the higher levels in Lego Fever are so difficult that they will require all of your crafting abilities in order to arrange the Lego pieces in the right way.

Lego Fever presents us with two play modes, Story and Fever. The Story mode explains the mission we'll be entrusted with: add color to a world that's turned too dull to live in. This mission will be accomplished by solving different puzzles, which generally involve moving Lego pieces around and arranging them in a certain way. The Fever mode just gathers all the puzzles you've solved so far so that you can play them again.

Graphics are bright and colourful (as we could expect). Plus, puzzles backgrounds are designed with great care for detail. As for gameplay, the increasing difficulty in puzzles can drive you nuts, but I guess it's just a question of practice.

Help the LEGO Brothers battle the forces of boredom and bring a bit of color back to their grey, grey world. Control the world around them by placing LEGO bricks to make sure our heroes don't wind up stepping in black ink and ruining their track suits!

Three different modes of gameplay will keep you on your toes as you control Harry's moves in action-packed Chase levels, help Jens solve tricky Puzzle levels, and energize in Clump mode! LEGO Fever offers a colorful challenge for every player!

Lego Fever


Lego Fever Demo

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